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What are “Hyourou-gan”s?

Hyourou-gans are ball shaped preserved food that has a part like a medicine. It is like “Calorie Mate” that we eat today. It is made differently in places, but is mainly made from carrot, white rice, buckwheat flour, beans, pickled plum, sesame and alcohol. People in places had arranged these and made their own Hyourou-gans.


This is the ingredients that we used when we made our own Hyourou-gans.

・carrot…………………30g (1/4 carrot)
・rice flour………………20g
・water…………………one tablespoonful
・honey…………………one tablespoonful

How to make

This is a recipe of Hyourou-gans that we arranged. It is little different from Hyourou-gans that were eaten by ninjas in history.

1. Measure all ingredients. Mash the carrots, and put it in to a bowl. Mix it with a spoon. 材料
2. Knead it with your hand for about five minutes after the doe became into one. 材料
3. Make balls of the doe, and roast it with an oven toaster. In this picture, we roasted it five minutes in 1200W. Some are flat because of making the heat go to the center. 材料

Impressions about it

These are comments about this Hyourou-gans. We all ate and gave comments.

・It was yummy. The flavor of carrot was very well. (2st grade F)

・The ones that were shaped like a ball were not well roasted, but the ones that are flat were good. (1st grade D)

・I actually do not like carrots, but it was good that I felt the sweetness of the carrot was yummy. I’d like to make this from now on. (1nd grade T)

・I did not like the taste, but I felt it was yummy than the block type energy food that are sold at stores. (3rd grade S)

・I made the Hyourou-gans, and was surprised that it was easy to make. It tasted like carrot cookies. (3rd grade C)


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