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We went to the Kawagoe History Museum in Saitama prefecture to learn more about Ninjas. Also, we took pictures and made interviews to the director of the museum for this site. This page is a report of Kawagoe History Museum.

Kawagoe History Museum is a museum is mainly displaying about things that was at Kawagoe city, for example armors and swords that were used in history. There is one big motto that they have which is they do not display replicas of things. The things that are at Kawagoe History Museum are all things that people really used before. Also, this museum is a novel museum near Tokyo that displays about ninjas. There are real shurikens and clothing that ninjas had really wear.

Mr. Nishiyama, which is the director of this museum, had made us learn more about ninjas and made us touch some of the things that are displayed. We will introduce two things that was impressive during the time at Kawagoe History Museum.

Firstly, the collapsible shuriken. Mr. Nishiyama had made us touch the collapsible shuriken. Collapsible shurikens has a little projection and a moveable screw in the center, so it can be used both as a flat type shuriken and as a stick type shuriken. This structure is used until today to make things move. Also, we heard that ninjas themselves were making these tools. We was strongly impressed that ninjas that were living more than 500 years ago had made and used this kind of structure.

Secondly, about the Ninja swords (Shinobi-gatana). We had wrote that the biggest difference between Ninja swords and normal Japanese swords are if they are straight or not. Also, a rope is attached to the Ninja sword to pull them up from a high place. The sword that one member had took was very shiny and looked like it was very dangerous. I (group leader; the person who is writing this sentence) was actually was like being on pins and needles when the member had swung the sword…

Lastly, we’d really like to thank Kawagoe History Museum for making us learn more about ninjas.

The information about Kawagoe History Museum

Look up this site (HP ( if you want more information about Kawagoe History Museum!

Kawagoe is convenience for transportation, and has a very good site. We can feel the history from this city. Most of the members are living in Yokohama city, and was surprised that it is very near from where we live. How about going to Kawagoe once?


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