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The basic ability, such as a leg power or the jump power, is indispensable for even modern people, but because of the professionality, ninjas needed to train their basic ability unusually.
For this reason, ninjas trained themselves by a very unique method. In this page, we would introduce you about the training method of the ninjas.

Running power

The running power was necessary to escape as soon as possible when I was chased by an enemy. The ninja performed unique ascetic practices to train running power in the times when a measurement of the time was difficult.
The ninjas trained there running power by putting a cloth or a chest, and tried hung down it a long time did not fall into the ground by running, to train running power.
Because the ninja could know how fast he is running, it may be said that it is effective.


Ninjas trained to walk like a cat. This is called SHINOBIASHI .When the ninja stole information of the enemy, it was a technique necessary to walk as possible calmly.
I practiced to be able to walk by hear a legend and practice to walk as possible calmly earnestly.

Jump power

The jump power was a very important ability for the ninja.
A jump power was required when the ninja is going to walk the bad place of footing, and jump over fences.
The ninja planted a plant called early hemp of the growth and performed the ascetic practices that flew over it every day. The hemp was ideal and rational ascetic practices that a hurdle rose around 2-3cm every day to grow up every day.


The eyesight is one of the ability that is important to a ninja along with a leg power, a jump power. A long distance works by having good eyesight and is easy to ask about the state of the far-off other party, and quality of possibility to live and the information to be provided goes up it. Then, it has need to strengthen the eyesight in the place that, because of the profession, is dark.
A method to make a round trip to a bright place and the dark place many times was adopted.
A pupil opened and was closed, and eyes fitted it immediately again when the circumference darkened suddenly and was in the gloomy place, and it was good, and a strong comb came to be able to in this way watch the power of the muscle of eyes.
※Because you do not confirm whether this method is good medically, prevent determining it and from imitating it


The hearing ability was ability required for espionage mainly. It is said that the ninja was able to understand words when an enemy talks in a low voice.
Ascetic practices called the small world's opinion were carried out. It is the ascetic practices method to drop a sewing needle on a whetstone at the quiet place where I do not hear a sound, and to recognize the low sound.
Even a trifling sound far-off, to occur was recognized by these ascetic practices being performed in two sets of the position who dropped a needle and a reasonable position, and gradually keeping the distance of oneself and the whetstone away.
Furthermore, I dropped several needles at the same time and had the technique such as guessing the number of the needle right stolen.


The ninja trained oneself by various ascetic practices that I spoke on the top.
In addition, it was said that insight, the memory were important for the others, and the ninja polished oneself with mnemonics peculiar to a lecture and on-the-job training, a ninja every day.
The ninja can manage various art simply because there was such a training and is not handed down in the present age?


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