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When thinking about ninjas, we think that you might think about the cool tools that they use, for example, “Shuriken” is one of the famous tools that ninjas use. On this page, we will explain about tools that ninjas had used.


Shuriken are used when ninjas were chased by the enemy. There are two types of shurikens; shrikens that are flat (which are called “Heikou-shuriken in Japanese”), and shurikens that are shaped like sticks.

Flat type shurikens does not have high killing power, but if you put on poison to the Shuriken, it may become a very powerful tool. The more convex the shuriken has, the more killing power goes down. Ninjas had about five to eight flat type shurikens that fit to their hands.

Stick type shurikens were often used five shrikens in once, and was thrown to people and things. One of the five shuriken had a lether loop on it, and was able to use like a knife. It has a special bag to put those in and was a useful and compact tool.



Makibishis were used when making the enemy stop chase the ninjas. You scatter these makibishis on the ground. These days, people were using shoes that are made out of straws (which we call “Waraji” in Japanese) , so items that were thorny were useful for attacking people. Before using steel maiibishis, people were using seeds of water chestnuts. Water chestnuts are grasses that live near lakes and ponds. These can be food in case something happens, so was a very useful tool for ninjas.


Kunais are tools that are made by steel, and you throw it to the enemy to scare them off, make a hole, and break walls and so on. This was a very useful tool for ninjas. 苦無の写真

Ninja swords (Shinobi-gatana)

Ninja swords are special swords that ninjas had used. The difference between normal Japanese swords are for example, the blade is straight, and is about 55cm long. This length was suitable for going over walls and fences. Also, there is a rope coming out. This was used for pulling the sword up after you used the sword for going over something. 忍び刀の写真

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