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Ninja's clothing

On this page, we will explain about clothing.


We think most people think ninjas are wearing black clothing. However, their clothing called “Shinobi-shouzoku” were actually mostly navy blue. The reason why it is not black is because black is much easier to notice than nave blue in the night time. Also, the way making the clothing into navy blue (which is called “Kure-some”), has a sour smell, and can avoid bugs and snakes away from them. When the moonlight was shining, ninjas used clothing that were brown or gray too. Moreover, they used reversible clothing for when they had been noticed by the enemy.

Parts of Shinobi-shouzoku

Uwagi…the clothing that you wear on your upper part of your body. There were lots of pockets in the inside.

Tekou…this is like gloves, and is for hiding the whiteness of their skin. Also these were good for avoiding bugs in the summer time and getting moisture in the winter.

Zukin…a cloth helmet that you wear on your head. It is about two meters long, and you hide your head, mouth and nose.

Hakama…the clothing that you wear on your lower half of your body. It is not baggy, and is easy to move even if you wear it.

Kyahan…a cloth shin guard you put on your shin.

Fundoshi…an under wear but is a long cloth that is about 1.8m long. It was able to use as a rope or a bandage.

Waraji…It was colored black for night time.

Tabi…They put cotton in the bottom of their Tabis. This is because they do not want to make noise when stealing in to the enemy’s premises.



Ninjas had lots of devices on their clothing as we explained. However, they’d be conspicuous if they were walking in their Shinobi-shouzoku. As a result, they disguised and tried not to look like they were ninjas in times.


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