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Mnemonics of the ninja

Intelligence was a main duty for ninjas.
Even though there are no cameras and recorders, ninjas cannot feel relief. Still they were not allowed to take notes because this can make the enemy know about their important information. Therefore ninjas tried to remember lots of kinds of information.


Association was a very good way to make things remember. As an example, they have to remember the amount of the enemy. They replaced the number into another image of a thing.
By the way, making an image in your brain for remembering things are having a big spotlight today. Your right brain can be trained in this way. Ninjas might have knew that this way is good for remembering, also is good for their brain.


Ninjas used a way called "Fubou", which means unforgettable. This “Fubou” is a way to damage their body by a knife. They curve in the information that they want to remember. It is very pitiful, but it may be said that it is hard to forget. We could know that ninjas were really risking their lives for keeping information.

What the writer felt

Today, people write things on their hand using a marker. This has a similar part to “Fubou”. In addition, I intend to practice the mnemonics of the ninja using the right brain by study from now on.


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