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Woman ninja “KUNOICHI”

The woman ninja is said to be "a girl" generally, in a gorgeous image to make move that it is alert and agile by historical dramas of TV.

However, the Kunoichi did not carry out a gorgeous activity in the world of the stealing and took a role to support the ninja of the shadow from a shade more.

Therefore the woman ninja rushed wildly like a historical drama and attacked it to an enemy and did not perform what a man was good at very much. However, a man is easy with a woman. I pickle it there, and it is a girl to have used "the special privilege" of the woman.

The etymology of the “Kunoichi”

This picture explains the etymology of the “Kunoichi”.

The tactics of the girl

The girl served it as a maid using being a woman, and a man and the lover of the enemy were related. And I built the relationship of mutual trust and took a formidable method to use a partner.

◎Method to send with the ninja of the man

I ask it to want to order the rectangular chest which I wait until time, and clothing were in. The rectangular chest to order makes dual structure and squeezes the clothes to deceive the ninja of the man in an upper step in a lower step. I convey that I carry a rectangular chest in a gate-keeper and raise reliability more.
Then I was able to let the ninja of the man steal into the hall without a difficulty. This method is called "Kakuremino".


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