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In this page, I would introduce the history of Shinobi, from past to the present.

~The introduction of Shinobi~

In 500 B.C., a Chinese tactician Son Bu, had written a tactic strategy book, Sonshi. Intelligence assessment was the main idea of this book.

紀元前500年ごろ 中国 孫武著 『孫子』 間諜(現代で言うスパイ)の方法と解説が記されている⇒敵の隙をみて情報を盗み取り、それから軍の準備を行う

From this book, we could know that Intelligence assessment was already used in ancient China. This technique would later introduced to Japan, and become the basics of Shinobi. A Japanese history book, Syouninnki, inscribes it.


~The growth of Shinobi~

The Chinese technique of Intelligence assessment, grew to the Japanese Shinobi technique in the Asuka period. At the Hakusukinoe battle against Shilla and Tang dynasty, Japan loosed. After this battle, Japan started to place soldiers in the bayside area. The soldiers used smokes to communicate things with another soldier. This technique was also used by the Shinobi. Later, Shinobi started to use rice to communicate, instead of smoke.

In the Nara period, temples and the Fujiwara family started to intervene to the politics. The government needed to stop the intervene, so they started to use the Shinobi to get information of the temples and the Fujiwara family. The temple and the family also used the shinobi, so the fight of Intelligence assessment went harder and harder. This made the shinobi grow.

In the Heian period, the war against Genji and Heishi, made the shinobi grow more hardly.


In the shadow of Genpei war, the shinobi developed more.


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